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Changing Clubs? The AFL Needs To Grow Up

With the AFL’s Trade and Free Agency period now well under way one thing has become patently clear, the system is a mess.  I say it has ‘become’ clear but that isn’t really accurate, it’s been clear it was a mess from the moment Free Agency was first implemented in Australia’s indigenous game a couple of years ago.  The issues were largely passed off then as ‘teething’ problems that would be ironed out over time, but they haven’t been and in fact are getting worse as clubs look to exploit the gaping loopholes available.

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Gibbs signing a positive for Blues

Bryce Gibbs chose to forgo free agency and re-sign with Carlton during the week.  A few months ago that looked decidedly unlikely as the general feeling was he’d explore his free agency options and possibly try to make the move back to his home town of Adelaide.

There’s been plenty of talk about the signing both positive and negative, but staying at Princess Park was the right move for him and a positive for the Carlton Footy Club in our opinion.

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