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Why even non Soccer fans love the Socceroos (and 2am World Cup games)

Photo (Getty Images : Cameron Spencer)

As a confessed twitter addict I’ve noticed something interesting the past few weeks, the world loves the World Cup.  No news there, except that most of my circle of ‘tweeps’ have barely ever mentioned soccer; sorry, football, before the past two weeks.  Now my timeline is full of tweets about Mike (Tony, seriously mate) sorry Mile Jedinak, personal favourite Marco Bresciano and of course legend goal scorer and all around good guy Timmy Cahill.  I’d look down my nose at these bandwagon fans, if I wasn’t shamelessly one of them.

That’s not to say I don’t love ‘The World Game’ and have a history with it, I do.  As a kid I was a reasonably typical country sporting lad playing Aussie Rules in the Winter, Cricket in the Summer and Basketball year round.  We’d play some soccer at school but the game wasn’t big in my neck of the woods so it passed me by for much of my childhood.  That was until I made friends with a mad Manchester United fan in high school and was introduced to very late weekend nights watching the English Premier League.  My interest piqued in the early days of Harry Kewell’s career at Leeds United, and once he was joined by Mark Viduka I was hooked.  1am on a Sunday morning would roll around and I’d make my way to the couch and hope the brilliant Martin Tyler would be calling and a good game was in store.  I never became a fully fledged fan of a team in the EPL, though I had my favorites, rather I tended to follow the Aussie guys.

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